How To Start A Business In Arkansas

How to Start a Business In Arkansas

Here is how to start your own business in Arkansas:
Here is a website that will help if you want to start a business in Arkansas:

1. Select your business structure.

Sole-proprietor, LLC, Partnership, Corporation, etc.  Most small business owners start out as sole-proprietors.  Find out more here: Business Structures In Arkansas

2. Register your business name with the state of Arkansas.

Find out more about registering your business name here: Fictitious Name Application

If you need help choosing a business name: 12 Tips to Help Choose a Business Name

3.  Register your business with the state of Arkansas.

You can get started registering your business with the state of Arkansas here:

4. Open a Business Checking Account.

You will need to open a separate bank account for your business with your new business name.

5. Find out about taxes, hire an accountant.

You may want to file your own taxes if you are a small company. As you grow, it will be easier to have an accountant do the work. More information about taxes here: and .

6. Consider Liability Insurance.

You may want to look into liability insurance, depending on what type of business you are starting.

7. Get Health Insurance.

Since you will be self-employed, you will need your own health insurance.  If you have employees, you will need a plan that will include their health needs also.

8. City License.

You may be required to obtain a license operate your business in a particular locale, whether you are a resident, or not.

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