27 Sea Glass Jewelry Business Name Ideas

Check here for information on how to start a jewelry business: How To Start A Jewelry Business.

Sea Glass Jewelry is popular not only with hobbyists, but also with jewelry sellers around the world.  A home-based business could even be started just dedicated to supplying sea glass to jewelry makers.  Here is a list of sea glass jewelry business names.  Some are names of actual businesses that provide sea glass, or create sea glass jewelry.  Be sure to see if the name is used in your area before using it for your own sea glass business.

Besides these samples listed below, you could also use your own name, such as Brenda’s Sea Glass Creations.  You could also use a location or region, such as Outer Banks Sea Glass.

Go here if you need some more tips on choosing a business name: 12 Tips To Help Choose A Business Name.

Sample Sea Glass Jewelry Business Name Ideas

Spirit of the Sea

Ocean Creation

Mermaid’s Tears

Seahorse Custom Jewelry

Sienna’s Sea Glass

Sea Treasures

Beach Glass

By The Sea

Of The Sea

Ocean Designs

Salt Creations

Tidal Tears

Beachcomber Jewelry

Sand and Sea Designs

Beach Bum Sea Glass Jewelry

Sun and Sea Jewelry

Paradise Sea Glass

Ocean Charms Sea Glass

Authentic Sea Glass

Handcrafted Sea Glass Jewelry

Sea Glass Art

Jewelry From The Sea

Beach Cove Jewelry

Beach Gems

She Sells Sea Glass

Nature’s Design

Washed Up Creations


Here’s a video about an artist who combs the beaches for sea glass: