17 Bead Business Name Ideas

Check here for information on starting a jewelry business: How To Start A Jewelry Business.

Jewelry making is popular not only with hobbyists, but also with jewelry sellers around the world.  Supplying the beads for jewelry and crafts can be a great business, even run out of one’s own home.  Below are some creative, and some basic, bead business name ideas.

Besides these samples, you could also use your own name, such as Karen’s Beads.  You could also use a location or region, such as Jersey Shore Beads.   You may wish to specialize in a certain type of bead, such as Gina’s Glass Beads.  If you make the beads yourself, include that in your bead business name such as Valley Custom Beads.

Go here if you need some more tips on choosing a business name: 12 Tips To Help Choose A Business Name.

Sample Bead Business Name Ideas

Beautiful Beads

Beauty and the Beads

Bead Supply

Bead Boutique

Ultimate Beads

Exquisite Beads

Bead Emporium

Bead Oasis

Bead Garden


Sunshine Beads

Beads 4 You

Beads Galore

Bead Studio

Bead World

Butterfly Beads

Beads N’ More


Here’s a video showing you how to make your own paper beads: