Pressure Washing Business Name Ideas – Power Washing Company

A pressure washing business (or power washing business) is a relatively low-cost business to start and can provide an excellent part-time or full-time income.  There is a large residential and commercial market for cleaning decks, patios, driveways, roofs, siding, vehicles, boats, aircraft, etc.  You can start with a basic pressure washer and work up to full commercial system including a heavy duty pressure washer, water tank and trailer.

For more information on getting started: How to Start A Pressure Washing Business

When choosing a power washing company name, try to pick a business name that is easy to spell and remember.   You may want to use your name such as “Frank’s Pressure Cleaning Service”, or you could use your location in your business name such as “Philly’s Finest Power Washer”.

It can be difficult to come up with a creative and unique pressure washing business name.  You will want your business name to stand out from the competition.  A tagline connected with your business can help with this.  You could use a more general power washing business name, and then add a descriptive tagline to further describe your services.  Some examples are: “Your Power Washing Expert” and “For all your exterior cleaning needs” and “If we can’t clean it, nobody can!”

Below is a list of some name ideas to help inspire you in choosing a name for your own pressure washing business.  Some of these names are used by actual companies.  Make sure you research the power washing businesses in your area to make sure the name you choose is not trademarked or already being used before you start the business registration process and order your marketing materials.

If you need some more tips on choosing a business name: 12 Tips To Help Choose A Business Name

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Power Washing / Pressure Washing Business Names

  • Scott’s Pressure Wash
  • The Pressure’s On
  • Carolina Xtreme Power Washing and Services
  • Accolades Pressure Washing
  • Xterior Xperts
  • H2O Wash
  • Bill’s Pressure Cleaning
  • Katy Memorial Roof Cleaning & Power Washing
  • Meier Supreme Clean Pressure Washing
  • Good As New Power Washing
  • First Choice Power Wash
  • D&D Clear View Pressure Washing
  • JM Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning
  • Mighty Wash
  • Perfect Clean Pressure Washing
  • Johnny Tsunami Wash
  • All Bright Pressure Washing
  • Hydro Pro Pressure Washing
  • Roof, Rinse, & Runpressure washing business names
  • Pro Power Wash
  • Centex ProWash
  • Two Brothers Pressure Washing
  • Palmetto’s Finest Pressure Washing
  • Ultimate Washer
  • UltraWash
  • HotShot Pressure Washing
  • Shine On
  • Pinnacle Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Shipshape Power Washing

  • AquaNomics
  • Under Pressure
  • Pure Pressure Power Washing
  • Power Washing Plus
  • Prime Pressure Washing & Painting
  • Blue Sky Power Washing
  • Blue Monkey Pressure Washing & Wood Care
  • Bullfrog Mobile Powerwashing
  • Danny’s Green Surface Cleaning
  • Driveways Plus Pressure Washing
  • Wash n Shine
  • Integrity Pressure Cleaning Plus
  • Clean Look Pressure Washing