Electric Business Name Ideas – Electrical Contractor Names

An electrical contractor business is a service business that can either be a one person operation, or employ a large crew.  There are plenty of work opportunities for electrical contracting companies including residential and commercial new construction, renovations, and repairs.  An electrician can also offer additional services involving security systems, phone and computer network wiring, and more.

Coming up with a good name for a new electrical company can be a fun, but challenging step when starting your new business.  You may want to use your own name, or you may choose to use the name of the town or city where your business will be located.  A catchy or humorous business name or logo is another option.  Another idea is to have a creative tagline to go along with your business name. Try to choose a name for your electrical contracting business that is easy for potential customers to remember and that is easy to spell.

Below are some examples of both unique and basic electric-related business names you can use as inspiration when choosing your own name.  Some names may be already used in your area, or might be trademarked, so make sure you properly research the electrical business name you are considering before registering it and having any marketing materials printed.

Here’s a helpful book on starting and running a profitable electrical business:  How to Start a Successful Electrical Business

Here are a number of tips to help in choosing your name:  How to Choose a Business Name

Electrical Contractor Business Names

  • Flash Gordon Electric
  • Tomato Electric
  • Electricity Bill
  • Brad Jones Electrical Services
  • IRC Electrical Contractorselectrical contractor names
  • ElectricIAN
  • Landmark Electrical
  • Beagle Electric
  • Priority Electric
  • Amazing Plumbing & Electrical
  • The Wire Guys Generators
  • MM Electric
  • David Baker Building & Electrical Services
  • Northeast Signal & Electric
  • Joe’s Electric
  • Country Cottage Electrical
  • Solarwind Electric
  • Whiting Electrical Contractors
  • Lights Out?
  • iPower New Jersey
  • Think Big Electrical
  • Common Ground Electric
  • Mister Sparky
  • Applied Cabling Technologies
  • Doc’s Electric
  • Potter Lighting and Electric
  • Welch Electrical Services
  • A Plus Electrical Installation
  • Quality Electrical and Generator Services