Dog Fence Company Name Ideas

A dog fence business (or invisible fence or underground fence business) can provide an excellent seasonal or year-round income, depending on your location.  There are many opportunities in mostly in the residential market for installing invisible fences for dogs and other pets.

When choosing a dog fence company name, try to pick a business name that is easy for potential customers to spell and remember.   You may want to use your name such as “Tim’s Dog Fence Installation”, or you could use your location in your business name such as “Denver Pet Fence Company”.

It can be difficult to come up with a creative and unique invisible fence business name.  You will want your business name to stand out from the competition.  A tagline connected with your business could possibly help with this.  You could use a more general pet fence installation business name, and then add a descriptive tagline to further describe your services.  Some examples are: “Dog Fences and more” and “Protecting your Pets”.

Below is a list of some name ideas to help inspire you in choosing a name for your own underground or invisible fence business.  Some of these names are used by actual companies.  Make sure you research the other fence businesses in your area to make sure the name you choose is not trademarked or already being used before you start the business registration process and order your marketing materials.

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Dog and Pet Fence Name Ideas

  • Canine Safety Systems
  • Dog Guard
  • Invisible Fence
  • Hidden Fence
  • Pet Stop Underground Fencing
  • Dogwatch Hidden Fence Systems
  • Top Dog Pet Fence
  • Out of Sight Fencing
  • Piedmont Pet Fencing
  • Black Dog Fencedog fence business names
  • Natural Enclosures
  • Petcare Hidden Fence
  • Pet DeFence Hidden Dog Fences
  • K9 Electronics
  • A-1 Fence
  • Petstop Pet Fencing
  • The Dog Fence Guy
  • Hidden Pet Fence
  • Pet Safe