Creative Craft Business Name Ideas

A craft business can be relatively easy to start depending what type of business you want to have.  If you are planning to make your own crafts, you can most likely start out of your home.  If you are planning to have a craft store, either selling craft supplies, or running a consignment shop for other makers, you will need a retail location.  The arts and crafts market is very large and includes many handmade goods such as needlework, candles, toys, clothing, decorations, woodworking, pottery, art, painting, jewelry, accessories, signs, and much more.

If you are planning to start your own craft business, you will need to come up with a good business name.  You may want to use your own name such as “Mary’s Handmade Goods”, or the name of the town or city where you are located such as “Eagleville Crafts”.  You can choose a basic business name, or decide on a humorous or craft name or logo.  If you choose a more simple business name, you may also want to have a creative tagline to go along with your business name.  Some examples could be “Rustic Home Decor” or “Creative Needlework”.  Try to choose a name for your craft company that is easy to remember and easy to spell.  Make sure the business name is not used by any other crafters in your area.

Below are some examples of unique and more basic crafting business names you can use as a guide in choosing your own name.  Some names may be already used in your area, or might be trademarked, so make sure you properly research the craft business name you choose before registering it and having any marketing materials printed.

How To Promote Your Business

How To Start A Business In Your State

If you need some more tips on choosing a business name: 12 Tips To Help Choose A Business Name.

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